This month we celebrate the incredible history of Black Canadians who uplifted our society by standing for mental health. mindyourmind was inspired by Pioneers of Black Mental Health #BHMMAC2023, created by the McMaster University Counselling team, that shines a light on the foundational work of so many Black pioneers who have impacted the stigma and effects of mental health and wellness. 

In addition to recognizing the work that has been done, mindyourmind shared a month of tips last year that highlighted incredible creators and resources for Black Canadians, Celebrating Black Canadians, including a tip that highlighted a list of 30 Black Canadian content creators to follow created by Kaya Marriott from @ComfyGirlCurls. Kaya has since partnered with Casey Palmer of Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad and Sherley Joseph, founder of Black Canadian Creators and The Chonilla Network, to create a Creator Directory of over 550+ Black Canadian Content Creators. This is a great place to find impactful and amazing Black Canadians to follow and support them!

As we recognize the incredible work that’s been done, we also keep in mind the innumerous barriers these pioneers had to overcome to make the strides they did. We also know these systemic and social barriers still exist for Black Canadians today. This month, let’s take extra time and attention to listen, learn, share, and stand up to make an easier way forward for Black Canadians making an impact today.  If you’ve experienced the effects of anti-black racism in Canada or you’re looking for a place to start learning, YouthREX released A Resource Guide to Anti-Black Racism: Support for Black Youth & Allies.


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