Reminder to Take Care of Yourself

In the past few months, I’ve been struggling with taking care of myself. As I navigate what it means to be an adult I’ve slowly let go of one of the core principles that as a mental health advocate I’ve always championed: self care. Something I’ve noticed not only for myself but other young people in their late twenties is that, with everything that life throws at us, we end up getting so intertwined in meeting basic needs and taking care of others that we forget ourselves in the process. 

I’m using this blog to remind not only others but myself that I need to pause and remember to take care of myself. Not for the person I am today but the older version of me that will indefinitely feel the lack of care that I am showing myself. Something I’m hoping to use to get back to a healthy balance of self care is this challence, 3 Tips to Start a Self Care Everyday Challenge that I tried earlier last year along with setting some boundaries when it comes to how much I’m able to be there for others. 

If you’re also looking to incorporate more self care into your routine you can check out the challenge or use the following tools to help build your self care toolkit. 

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