School Open Houses – What Can You Learn From Them?

Attending a school’s Open House is a valuable experience that goes beyond the customary tour of classrooms and facilities. There is so much we can learn from them. It is a window into the educational ecosystem, offering parents, students, and educators a unique opportunity to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

The importance of attending an Open House extends far beyond the initial impressions, providing a platform for mutual understanding, fostering a sense of community, and paving the way for a successful educational journey. Here are 6 good reasons to attend these events if you are looking for that perfect placement for your children.

  1. Familiarizing with the Environment

Open Houses offer an excellent chance for parents and students to familiarize themselves with the school environment. Exploring classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, and other amenities allows families to envision the daily routine and gauge the overall atmosphere of the institution. This firsthand experience helps in making informed decisions about whether the school aligns with the educational needs and preferences of the student.

Teacher and student at open house
  1. Meeting Educators and Staff

One of the most significant advantages of attending an Open House is the opportunity to meet educators and school staff. Building a rapport with teachers and administrators fosters a collaborative relationship between home and school. It allows parents to gain insights into the teaching philosophy, curriculum, and extracurricular activities, while educators can learn about the unique needs and aspirations of each student. This early interaction sets the foundation for open communication throughout the academic year.

  1. Understanding Academic Programs

Schools often use school open houses as a platform to showcase their academic programs, highlighting special features, innovative teaching methods, and any unique opportunities they offer. Parents and students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum, elective courses, and extracurricular activities available, helping them make informed decisions about the educational path that best suits the student’s interests and future goals.

Teacher talking to mother and daughter at open house
  1. Exploring Extracurricular Activities

Beyond academics, open houses shed light on the array of extracurricular activities available. Whether it’s sports, arts, music, or community service, these activities play a crucial role in a student’s holistic development. Attending an open house provides a glimpse into the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education and allows families to identify avenues for students to explore their passions and talents.

  1. Building a Sense of Community

Schools are not just educational institutions; they are communities where students, parents, and educators come together. Open houses serve as a catalyst for building this sense of community. Families have the chance to interact with each other, share experiences, and establish connections that can be valuable throughout the academic journey. A strong school community enhances the overall educational experience, creating a supportive network for both students and their families.

Kids in uniforms
  1. Addressing Concerns and Questions

Open Houses provide a structured platform for parents and students to address any concerns or questions they may have about the school. Whether it’s about the curriculum, policies, or support services, having direct access to school representatives allows for timely clarification and ensures that families have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Attending an Open House is not just a routine event but a crucial step in the educational journey. It empowers families to make informed decisions, establishes a foundation for positive communication, and cultivates a sense of belonging within the school community. By actively participating in open houses, parents and students contribute to the collaborative partnership between home and school, laying the groundwork for a successful and fulfilling educational experience.

3 School Open Houses coming up in the coming weeks you won’t want to miss!


OPEN HOUSE: November 30th. 6:30 to 8pm

5550 Fraser Street, Third floor. Vancouver, BC (604) 434-9611


Westside Montessori Academy is making its love of learning available to even more elementary-age students at our beautiful new school in Vancouver. For 15 years, Westside Montessori Academy has been serving families from their space at Vancouver’s Italian Cultural Centre. Now, for their 2023-2024 school year, they’ve brought their unique, creative teaching style to spacious classrooms on the second and third floors of a uniquely child-centred building at 5550 Fraser Street. At the corner of 41st and Fraser Street. Perched over Aquaventures Swim Centre and the Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts (BASA), there is plenty of room to grow in this space.

Reading Buddies in library at Westside Montessori Academy
Reading Buddies Sharing a book in library at Westside Montessori Academy


OPEN HOUSE: December 6, 2023 between 9:30 am -11:30 am

315 Walker St., Coquitlam, BC (604) 936-4228

DROP IN EVENT – Details at

Tucked away in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Our Lady Of Fatima – École Notre Dame de Fatima offers its community a bi-lingual catholic elementary school for students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 that’s focused on excellence in both French Immersion and English education. Language and learning intertwine, creating a foundation for a lifetime of success for its students. The takeaway here is that students are thriving academically, socially, and emotionally as they become well prepared for the challenges of higher education and the globalized world beyond.

School Open Houses - What Can You Learn From Them? - BC Parent Newsmagazine


OPEN HOUSE: Thursday, December 7th, 5 – 6pm

RSVY by email at

Columbia Academy is a unique K-12 private school in downtown Vancouver. Our commitment is to foster a positive and enriching environment where students not only gain knowledge but also find happiness in their educational journey. Come see for yourself why In the past, 100% of our students have been accepted by universities, and 90% have been accepted by the top 50 universities worldwide. We are also an AP school and official AP testing center.

School Open Houses - What Can You Learn From Them? - BC Parent Newsmagazine

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