#TBT: Ottawa Newcomers Group 2016

In 2016, mindyourmind collaborated with a group of newcomer youth in Ottawa to develop resources aimed at empowering young people and providing information to their parents regarding mental health issues. 

Often, youth are hesitant to discuss mental health with their parents, possibly due to cultural reasons, as well as the generational gap between them. To address such a unique issue, mindyourmind co-created a video encouraging youth to watch it with their parents, as well as a zine filled with inspirational quotes, beautiful art, and resources for the youth and/or their families. The video hopes to break down barriers and improve understanding between parents and children when it comes to mental health. Parents from different countries might have varying perspectives on mental health that may or may not differ from their children’s. Aware of this, the youth in the Design Lab, Ottawa Newcomers Group March 2016, aimed to bridge the gap between themselves and their parents.

Check out the video on our YouTube channel. The video is available in Nepali, French, Spanish, Somali and Vietnamese.

mindyourmind has been around for almost two decades, and we have some pretty neat stuff in our history. The idea of Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) started because we want to share this past content and some memorable moments too. When it comes to the mental health landscape, some things have stayed the same, while others continue to evolve.

Stay tuned for our next #TBT!

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