The Amazing Tammy Lo: Founder & Designer of Nest Designs and Petite Revery

We had the pleasure of getting to know a BC Designer, Tammy Lo. Tammy is the designer of two lines – Nest Designs for adults and Petite Revery for kids. Her designs are high quality and stylish. The Nest Pajama’s are my personal favourite, they’re warm and cozy as well as stylish. We even have a matching pair for my husband! Find out a little more about this talented BC designer here.

Description about yourself?

I’m a realist with an imagination. I have a passion for design, and am lucky enough to love my work and the people I work with. I am now engaged in an unfamiliar adventure and learning this new part of my life I now have as a mom!

Where is your hometown?

Richmond, BC – just outside of Vancouver

Describe your family?

We’re a pretty tight team as my husband also works in the company, we end up spending a lot of time together! We do a lot to keep communication open, and are doing our best to raise our rambunctious toddler (who makes a great product tester!). As a family unit we like to keep active and busy, we’re now getting ready to welcome another member of our family at the end of this year!

The Amazing Tammy Lo: Founder & Designer of Nest Designs and Petite Revery - BC Parent Newsmagazine

What is the best advice you ever received as a parent?

 “Days are long and the years are short, so enjoy them”

Not sure this counts as advice, but I really do understand that saying now and feel it more as Fin gets older. They just have these giant leaps of growth and change so much in the early years, it’s hard to even understand where time goes – so I really try to just slow down with him and savor as many moments as I can because he won’t be this small again!

What is something about you we would find surprising? 

I’m not great with heights so I went skydiving hoping it would help…Long story short – I still have a fear of heights. 

What is your go-to family-friendly Lower Mainland activity? 

Swimming! We love heading to the pool since our 2 year old is obsessed with the water!

What is your favourite rainy day activity?

We like to go for walks, rain, snow or shine (except for heavy storms of course) – if we only waited for good weather in the lower mainland, we wouldn’t head out for more than half the year. So we made that our thing, go walking no matter the weather! 

What do you do for self-care?

Honestly, I probably don’t do as much self care as I should! But pre pregnancy/pandemic yoga was my go-to. It was an hour where I could really focus in the moment (like keeping my balance!). It was a nice break from the long to-do lists that were always floating through my mind. Now with a toddler and being pregnant again, I just make sure I disconnect from work and ‘momming’ for a few hours every evening and just focus on myself and the things I want to do and not have to do.

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