Things to Do in New Orleans with Kids

New Orleans is a city that mixes elements of Old South charm, French architecture, and modern ingenuity. Because the city is a cultural mixture, it is one of the most interesting place in the United States to tour. For a fun family vacation, check out these things to do in New Orleans with kids!

New Orleans French QuartersPin

Things to do in new orleans

There are so many things to do in New Orleans with kids that it is often hard to create a comprehensive itinerary, even for those familiar with the city. On the other hand, the top tourist attractions in New Orleans fit the vacation needs of kids as well as adults.

French quarters

For travellers to New Orleans, no visit would be complete without a trip to the French Quarters. During the day, families can take in the historic buildings that line the streets in this part of the city. They can enjoy street musicians who are a reflection of the jazz age in the city, when musicians flocked there to make a name for themselves. In the French Quarters, visitors can ride the horse-drawn carriages or the old-fashioned street cars.

When the lights go down in the French Quarters, leave the children with a sitter and enjoy the various entertainment options opened for adults. While many people only think of the bars that line the streets, there are other diversions is this area. Adults can go to clubs and listen to some jazz or watch a show that simulates the burlesque show of the 40’s and 50’s. For the really curious, they can go to the clubs that have female impersonators. Some of them have such good makeup jobs that it is hard to believe that they are men.

New Orleans Audubon Nature Institute

Two other top tourist attractions in New Orleans are the Audubon Zoo and the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Both of these attractions are a part of the Audubon Nature Institute. The zoo is one of top zoological facilities in the United States. It is home to a number of exotic animals rarely seen in captivity. They also house a number of endangered species.

The Aquarium of the Americas is home to sea life indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The walkway makes tourists feel like they are walking under water. Children will never forget the first time they visit each facility, and adults are awed by the exhibits and find pleasure in looking at the world from a child’s point of view.

New Orleans Riverwalk

To complete any trip to New Orleans, visitors have to go to the Riverwalk. At the Riverwalk, visitors can shop at the various vendors in this location. Some of the vendors are local artisans who craft jewelry and other accessories with Louisiana themes. Not only do visitors have a unique shopping experience, they can taste a variety of food from plain hamburgers to Cajun and Creole cuisine. Visitors have to eat the homemade fudge and other treats in the area.

Things to Do in New Orleans with KidsPin

There are other places to visit in the city, but the above are the top tourist attractions in New Orleans that are must sees for everyone. These things to do in New Orleans with kids represent the variety of options available to vacationers. The city offers something for the young to the young at heart. There are also a variety of things to do for those who want to experience the decadence for which the city is known. Whatever strikes a person’s fancy, New Orleans probably fits the bill.

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