We Are Not From Here

We Are Not from Here is a poignant and powerful story about
three teens Pulga , Chico and Pequeña living in a small, poverty-stricken town
in Guatemala

who leave family and
friends to escape violence.

The book is written from the first person perspectives of 15 year old Pulga and
his cousin Pequeña . It starts off with Pequeña being pregnant and hating the
baby’s father, a gang member. Chico and Pulga are best friends who have to flee
their town because of a dangerous gang leader, Rey. 

They decide to risk the
journey to the United States, and Pequeña joins them. They pack their bags and
leave on La Bestia, a dangerous train that goes through Mexico. It’s a tough
journey, with lots of obstacles and violence, but their friendship and the hope
for a better life keep them going.

We Are Not from Here is a raw and unflinching look at the
struggles of young people living in poverty, and the lengths they will go to

The author, Jenny Torres Sanchez, does an excellent job of bringing
the characters to life and making the reader feel as if they are right there
with them. The writing is evocative and emotional, and the pacing is perfect.

This book is a must-read for anyone interested
in learning more about refugee, poverty, and the immigrant experience. It is a
powerful reminder how strong and determined teenagers can be in the face of
adversity and how important it is to never give up on striving for a better

Title: We Are Not From Here
Author: Jenny Torres Sanchez
Publisher: Penguin Random House, $16.99
Publication Date: 19 May 2020
Format: Hardcover
For ages: 13+
Type: Teen and Young Adult Fiction

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