When Shadow Subsides | mindyourmind.ca

When darkness descends
And draws a veil over my eyes,
Everything is coloured wrong.
All I’ve left is this blue song.

Where loneliness resides
And my confidence is denied,
Gripped by numbing emptiness
And full of tears I can’t express.

Stuck in this grey fog, I am,
While waiting on a sunny day.
I’m doing the very best I can.
I’m lost, will I find my way?

I work hard to face my demons,
But I’m drowning beneath the crest.
Rebuild my house of self-esteem,
How long can I hold my breath?

Yet with patience the waters do recede
And the storm clouds pass me by.
The light breaks through while shadow subsides,
And flowers bloom in fields on which it shines;
Dressed in colours blazing like the sun;
The light made sweeter
For what the dark had done.


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