Fave Finds: Finding Something I Lost

This month’s fave finds is taking on a twist. My fave find for the month was the phone I lost four days prior which was returned to me miraculously. 

On an unfortunate Friday night, I realised I dropped my phone outside a bus stop and as I turned to go pick it up I saw someone pick it up and run away with it in front of me. The experience left me shocked and confused. As a student who lives alone, my phone is my access to almost everything. I was horrified to say the least. The next two days were full of sadness and desperation to figure out how to buy a new phone. Every second of the day I realised more and more just how dependent my life had been on this device that I could lose so easily. It was an eye opening experience that humbled me. I never once thought I would be able to find it again. There were times during the period where I kept going back to find ways to blame myself or my lack of presence of mind for what had happened. I was even calling myself unlucky. Something that my mother said really touched me during this time of turmoil. She told me to look around me and see all the love and friendship I have around me. My friends were so incredibly supportive and did not fail to rescue me from every challenge I faced during this time. They listened to me when I was down and helped me figure out next steps. I realised that there is no rhyme or reason why things happen and that thanking the universe and accepting all this support was all I could do to cope. 

So as I learned to appreciate my support circle and recover from the shock, I got a call from someone claiming to have found my phone! I was over the moon. I couldn’t believe that I found it and it was perfectly intact. I truly felt like some miracle had happened. As I rushed to pick my phone up, I kept thanking my friends and family for all they had done for me. It is important to remember that there is help around us and there are people rooting for us. Take a moment today to thank all your friends who support and love you. 

mindyourmind’s Fave Finds series is all about things we’ve found that support our overall wellness and bring us joy. We encourage you to think about what brings you happiness and comfort.

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