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Struggling with your mental health? Struggling with your family? We provide a wide range of services which include counselling sessions. The support we provide can be tailored to suit each individual or family’s needs and circumstances.

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"The Strongest People Are Those Who Win Battles We Know Nothing About"

Healing Your Kids

Healing Hearts

Family Therapy

We provide support to families by discerning their needs, strengths and developing a care plan according to their presenting issues. 

Individual Therapy

we provide services to individuals struggling with their mental wellness.  

Healing Your Kids

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Alcohol & Drug Abuse

We provide counselling services in a safe and non-judgmental manner to work through alcohol abuse, drug abuse and related problems.

Stress Management

We provide individual counselling sessions on stress management to improve overall quality of life. Our program meets court requirements, or can be taken for personal growth.

Anger Management

The Anger Management Program consists of eight to ten (8-10) individual counselling sessions. The program can also be completed within a shorter period of time.

Parenting Sessions

We provide parenting session embedded with robust curriculum aimed to assist parents with communication skills, managing behavior, and building strong relationships with their children.

Domestic Violence

A psycho-educational program for clients with controlling, violent, and abusive behaviors towards intimate partners. A completion report is provided after successful completion.

Sexual Harassment

We provide non-judgmental, culturally, and linguistically appropriate services to the court mandated sexual assault offenders.

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Check out latest news and articles written by experts on Mental Health and Family wellness. 

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I am very happy to have attended these sessions. It has made me feel much more confident and in control of my life and family. I would certainly recommend this service to others who are struggling as we were.